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to Sep 4

Sparks Antique Show

We have been to Sparks before and we are going back!  The vendors at this show are hard core - sticking it out through days of rain and even, I am told, in the past snow. 

There are plenty of wonderful antiques and collectables here but, the thing that stood out for me. at this show. was the hug amount of what I like to call project pieces - Those Items you see repurposed on Pinterest and in all the flea market magazines - If you are have file folder of cool things you would like to make "someday" this is also a show for you.




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to Jun 18

Thistle's Brick and Mortar Store Closing Sale

Thistle is hosting a Huge Garage Sale in preparation of closing our brick and mortar store* The sale will run until the shop is empty but please note that we will be selling, packing, and moving all at the same time so shop early to avoid missing out and shop often as we will be unearthing and adding new merchandise as we do.  

*Thistle is becoming a vintage pop-up and upcycled curiosity shop headquartered in a 1962 Layton canned ham camper known as Puddles. Drawing on our experience as a brick and mortar store, we are taking our show on the road - bringing classic antique, real vintage and kitschy retro out to you!

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